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Volume 8 Table of Contents

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A Critical Study of the Law on Relative Divorce in the Philippines

Jose Lopez-Vito, Jr

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Possible Cases of Libel Falling Under the Phrase

Rodolfo Dato

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Suggested Reforms on The Philippine Chattel Mortgage Law

Juan E. Yap

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The BELO Bill from the Legal Point of View

Vicente G. Sinco

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Reforming the Philippine Judiciary

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Doctrine of Kuenzle & Streiff v. Villanueva

Bibiano Meer

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Cronica Juridica

Jose Ma. Fabregas Del Pilar

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Suggested Reforms on the Philippine Corporation Law

Juan T. Santos

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May Corporations Invest Their Funds in Other Corporations Under the Philippine Law?

Vicente Ampil

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A Study on “AVAL”

Lorenzo M. Tañada

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Information for Prospective Law Students H. E. Stone

H. E. Stone

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The Lawyer as an Educated Man of Affairs

Thomas A. Street

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The Necessity of Establishing a Court of Claims in the Philippines

Modesto R. Ramolete

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How Does Our Supreme Court Work?

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