Category Archives: Volume 30, No. 5, October 1955

Opinion of the Secretary of Justice on the question “whether a child may be excluded from school if his parents, on alleged ground of religious creed, refuse to allow the said child from meeting all the requirements of the public school curriculum.” (Opinion No. 332, Ser. of 1955)

Where defendant fails without sufficient cause to appear, trial may proceed without him; judgment creditor in a mortgage foreclosure suit may sell any or all of the real properties covered by mortgage; there is generally no right to redemption in judicial foreclosure after confirmation of sale

A motion for reconsideration that is not pro-forma suspend s the runnig of the period of appeal; failure to designate the court in the notice of appeal is not fatal to the appeal; no need of affidavit of merit to accompany a motion for reconsideration where order of dismissal is an apparent nullify