Message from the University President

AEP PhotoI extend my heartfelt congratulations to the Philippine Law Journal’s (PLJ) Student Editorial Board (SEB), past and present, and to the PLJ’s organizer, the UP College of Law, in the celebration of the PLJ’s Centennial Anniversary!

Originally conceived in 1914 as a “student-run publication devoted to the promotion of legal research and the advancement of legal knowledge,” the PLJ has become the foremost resource of law students’ pioneering and significant pursuits, as well as the esteemed forum of authoritative commentaries from our distinguished faculty, alumni and certain members of the country’s judiciary.

The PLJ’s SEB, composed of the UP College of Law’s select sophomore, junior and senior students, has had among its ranks some of the most distinguished legal minds in the country – a testimony to the journal’s indispensable contribution to the dynamism in the study and practice of Law in our country and in Southeast Asia.

The PLJ has featured, aside from legal issues, various important social, political and cultural problems, confronting our country and her people, and has covered numerous relevant topics on criminal law, political law, gender rights, environmental law, academic freedom, economics and indigenous rights.

As a student-run publication of the country’s premiere national university, the PLJ is indeed an evident manifestation, not only of the UP College of Law’s commitment to understand and assist society through the Law, but also, of the University’s total commitment to render relevant legal service to our countrymen, especially to the oppressed, deprived and forgotten.

I believe that the PLJ’s student-editors as well as its contributors, patrons and supporters shall continue to pursue the PLJ’s basic objectives of promoting legal research and advancing legal knowledge in the service of the people, and to do so with the UP’s revered traditional values of Honor and Excellence.

Mabuhay ang Philippine Law Journal! Mabuhay ang UP! Mabuhay ang bansang Pilipinas!

President, University of the Philippines