Message from the Vice President for Academic Affairs

It is with great hope and warm regards that we greet the prime movers of the oldest existing academic journal in the Philippines, the Philippine Law Journal, on its Centennial Celebration this 2014.

We are proud that throughout its hundred years of scholarly existence, the PLJ has fueled the passion of its writers in documenting the Filipino’s everyday struggle to attain justice and peace. Further, the PLJ’s defense against plagiarism that has stained the legal academic community in recent years has shown its unwavering stance on legal scholarship as a quality of a pure bred UP scholar.

A century hence, George A. Malcolm’s observation of lawyers in his message in the inaugural issue of PLJ still remains true and I quote, “What is needed is, not greater quantity, but a finer quality of men, who, thoroughly grounded in a general education, have builded thereon an understandable comprehension of the existing law and institutions of the Philippines, and who upon graduation, can practice law in the official language and take a leading, progressive part in good government”.

Together with the UP academic community, we salute the Philippine Law Journal on its Centennial Year and through your pens and keyboards, may you continue to be instrumental in producing “men and women of quality” who will be the future vanguards of the rights of the Filipinos.

Vice President for Academic Affairs
University of the Philippines