Volume 32 No. 4, Recent Decisions

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Civil Law

Lessor and not the lessee has the option to reimburse one-half of value of improvements made in good faith on the leased premises

Attorney’s fees as a part of recoverable damages

Civil Procedure

Joinder of causes of action subject to rules of venue and joinder of parties

“Demand” in unlawful detainer

Docket fee indispensable requisite for the perfection of an appeal

Commercial law

Obscenity; the actual exhibition of the sexual act, precede by acts of lasciviousness, preludes the element of art

Criminal Procedure

Requirement of complaint by the offended party in crimes against chastity is jurisdictional

Promulgation of judgment

Labor Law

Employee dismissed for cause not entitled to termination pay under Rep. Act No. 1052

Leader and members of orchestra not considered as employees of hotel, but are independent contractors

Recovery from third person of damages for accident in the course of employment may be with implied reservation of right to recover deficiency from the employer

The Philippine National Red Cross is not subject to the Eight-Hour Labor Law

Political Law

Citizenship: Alien woman married to a Filipino citizen does not follow ipso facto his political status


Collection of income tax by means of administrative methods of destraints and levy, when null and void

Tenancy Law

Lease of landlord’s land is not just cause for dispossessing tenant

The work done by the members of a tenant’s family is included in the work that the tenant undertakes to perform on the land given him in tenancy

Transportation Law

Liability of carriers while the goods are in the custody of the customs authorities